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Kitchen Remodeling Questions

Questions About Service & Installation


What I look for before hiring a contractor?

  • A customer should make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured
  • How long has a contractor been in this industry or profession on a full time basis?
  • There are no part time contractors.  If you want a weekend contractor, you are better off tackling the project on your own.
  • A customer should ask if the contractor can provide referrals
  • A customer should ask if a contractor has an office or storefront as this allows a client access to a contractor to meet and speak in person. If a contractor works out of their home it does not provide a homeowner with an acceptable place to access the contractor in a time of need. As a homeowner you need to ask yourself if you really want to visit a person’s home where their family lives if there is a problem or issue that needs to be discussed.
  • A customer should be comfortable with who they are doing business with. If a contractor is evasive and won’t answer your questions than they are probably hiding something. An upfront contractor is usually an honest contractor.
  • Its not always about price, if it’s too cheap there is a reason. The contractor may not have all the above credentials.
  • Never provide large deposits on labor prior to starting a project. Materials may need to be paid for to order, however a customer should be provided the materials bill to pay directly to the retail store.
  • Always ask a contractor the portions of the project they actual complete themselves and the parts that are subcontracted to other companies. Typically the more of a project that is subcontracted out, the longer it will take to complete.

How messy should a residential project be?

  • A home will become dusty during a project and all the plastic in the world can’t contain it. However, there should never be any debris or trash left in a customer’s home while work is taking place. Also, there should never be tools left inside the customer’s home, especially if they are power tools. A contractor should clean up after themselves at the end of every workday and a dumpster should be placed on all projects to haul away any trash or debris.

What is the difference between most big box store products and Your Local Retail Store?

  • Most box store products are purchased in bulk and while may be inexpensive are not the greatest quality.
  • While a product in a big box store may be labeled with a brand name, what you don’t know is that the manufacturer of the product manufactures box store products in an entirely different factory than their regular products. They use different components and materials for the big box store; it is a much less quality product and will not last long.
  • Customer service and follow-up typically not of the highest concern in a big box store. There is a high turnover of employees and the person you worked with today may be gone tomorrow. A local retailer will typically keep employees for years. Sometimes it’s a family run business with generations of employees.
  • Big box stores do not always have well-trained professionals in areas that need it the most. Most of the times the higher end products like cabinets tend to have the biggest margin of error.
  • Big box stores contract all there install work to local professionals. While these local professionals may be good contractors, the big box store has trouble coordinating deliveries and installations because there usually isn’t a central command center and many buttons to push when you call and try to find someone you need.
  • The big box store isn’t always less expensive than your local contractor. Shop apples to apples and you may find your local contractor is less expensive.

Why Choose Alfano Renovations?

  • Alfano Renovations has over 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • We are Family owned and operated
  • We own a kitchen and bath showroom, all materials are in one place
  • Ease of renovations without having to deal with many people
  • Able to provide many different specialized services
  • Contractors and showroom under one roof
  • Provides design services
  • Provides private appointments and Personal services
  • Listens to a customer's needs
  • Can accommodate any budget and style
Bathroom Remodeling Questions

Questions About Products


What is the best surface to use in a kitchen or bathroom?

  • Currently, there are two types of very durable products on the market. First is granite which is a natural stone that comes from the earth. It is very varied in styles and colors and no two stones are identical. It is a beautiful look with very few drawbacks. Second is Quartz materials. Quartz material is the hardest product on the market and is an antimicrobial surface. It is also a very durable and sustainable product. Unlike Granite, it is a manmade product and not a completely unearthed material. (View Caesarstone Quartz Online)

What is the difference between Cherry and Maple Cabinets?

  • Cherry has a distinctive grain pattern and warm color shadings, ranging from nearly white to dark reddish brown. Dark pockets, pin knots, and random streaks are common. More than most woods, cherry will darken when exposed to light.  
  • Maple has a more consistent wood grain pattern without the different cherry shadings and tends to be on the lighter side. Maple wood does not darken as much as Cherry wood.
  • Variations in all woods are one of the inherent beauties of wood. The grain texture and color of any given sample will vary from one to the next. Variations will be more apparent when viewing an entire room of cabinets. 
  • Wood is one of the most beautiful products. Each tree grows differently producing a variety of grain structure, mineral streaks, burls, and other character marks. Even the colors and shading varies. Brown, Red, Green, Yellow, and White can be present in the same species of wood, in the same door and draw especially in cherry. Most wood parts, doors and draws included are constructed using different pieces of wood, and each piece might change color in different ways.

How does Glazing Change the Appearance of a Wood Cabinet?

  • Glazing will change the overall appearance of the doors and draws, sometimes enhancing the grain and sometimes hiding the grain; No specific stain or glaze will do either. Glazing is randomly applied and has no consistency to it. It will in most cases appear to be more noticeable on raised panel doors with applied moldings that have grooves. In shaker and flat panel doors or draws, the glaze will usually appear much less; this applies to any smooth surfaces. Also, in most cases, glazes will make the appearance of a cabinet have more of a dull finish.

What should a customer expect with a painted finish cabinet?

  • While painted finishes are some of the most unique and beautiful finishes available a customer should be aware of some of the pros and cons of the finish. Movement of the structural members of a cabinet and or door will normally go unnoticed in stained or natural wood finishes. However, with any painted finish small cracks may appear on painted surfaces, doors, draws, and boxes, specifically wherever there is a seem. This is not considered a defect or a reason for replacement. Retouching this area is not considered the responsibility of the cabinet company or the dealer. With cottage, studio, distressed, antiqued, and rub-through finishes are random physical finishes that are not uniform or consistent. The door sample will have similar characteristics and color but it will not be consistent from door to door in the home with the entire kitchen installed and not considered a defect or reason for replacement.

What is the difference between Porcelain Tile and Ceramic Tile?

  • Porcelain tile is a more durable product that can typically be used indoors and outdoors. Porcelain tile is not-porous and frost proof. Spills will not penetrate the surface of a porcelain tile. Ceramic tile is made of less durable materials and is usually porous and not good for high traffic areas and definitely not suitable for outdoor use.

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