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We design and build tasteful spaces.

Do you currently own a restaurant or are you thinking about opening a new one? Have you ever dreamed about having your own bar or an indoor and outdoor eating space? Are you looking for a design update or a full renovation overhaul? These are some of the questions the team at Alfano Renovations will ask when you meet them.

Experience You Can Count On

Alfano Renovations has over 40 years of experience in commercial kitchen and dining renovation and design, therefore they can encompass your personal love for food and entertainment and turn it to reality.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whether you need to start from scratch or renovate an existing restaurant, we can help. Our expertise spans from working with clients on initial design ideas to managing and performing the construction, we will guide you through the entire process.

Our Restaurant Construction Services Include:

  • Design services
  • Interior alterations 
  • Building new 
  • Project management
  • Material sourcing 
  • Bar renovations and entertainment spaces
  • Kitchen and bathroom layout and design
  • Finish Carpentry 
  • Indoor and Outdoor spaces 
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Painting 

Alfano Renovations is a unique company because we not only provide design and management services, but we also have a team of on staff installers. Much of the project is handled in house and only minimal parts of the project are subcontracted to other companies. On staff installers will install the tile, moldings, cabinetry, fixtures, electrical and plumbing. We can provide turn-key renovations and you never have to worry about us subcontracting the principal work or the responsibility.

Take Advantage of Our Skilled Design Team

Our design team will help you create an entrance and dining area that’s inviting and visually stimulating. The interior decor such as floor and wall materials will be specified to the theme of the restaurant. The interior finishing such as paint, moldings, and seating will be carefully selected all in coordination with the design. The bathrooms should be as important to the renovation as the main building. After all, clients are just as critical of a restaurant’s bathroom as they are of the food, décor, and service. By inviting customers to our showroom, it allows clients to discover some of the potential finish materials, such as cabinets, tile, fixtures, stone, and counters applied in design models, rather than imagining the use in sample pieces.

We Understand a Functional Kitchen

Last, but certainly not least, the most important aspect of the restaurant is the kitchen. We will help to choose the restaurant equipment, design the kitchen workflow, assign cooking stations and make sure the kitchen is up to the highest standards to meet local building regulations.

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